Saturday, December 26, 2015

Austrian Grenadiers Arrive

Some of these models had a sneak preview at the recent Elchingen game, but I was already looking to finish a few more to build up a Grenadier Brigade, and I also found the time for more command and some artillery limbers.

Another commander 

Portner Grenadiers; front...
...and rear
The Hungarian Kirchenbetter battalion
 Of note here, I found I was one drummer light on requirements (one too many standard bearers) so I had to improvise.  Having some spare mounted models I did a head swap to create a plausible mounted Grenadier Officer, who taking up two spaces on the base reduced the need for drummers.  Overall it looks pretty nice and I may well do this again for another unit.

Once again from the rear
 A requirement of the Age of Eagles rules, and a useful addition for many others, are artillery limbers.  I managed to get hold of some fairly generic Hinchcliffe Models for cheap and painted them up in a suitable fashion:

All angles covered
They're possibly a bit inaccurate for Austria, but they'll do the job.

All told this means that for the end of the year my Austrian Army has gone from a standing start to 192 infantry, 32 cavalry, 4 guns with 12 gunners and 3 limbers and 4 generals with accompanying adjutants.  Just shy of 250 models.

Not bad going.