Sunday, December 20, 2015

Girls Und Panzer in 15mm

I have  working prototype of my Girls Und Panzer game, but for play it certainly needs some play pieces, and as a previous post about my purchases of Zvezda and PSC tanks showed, I wanted them to be top notch.  Well I've been working on them and can reveal some progress.

First of all let us look at the antagonists, Pravda:
Pravda Girls School...
Pravda field a variety of Soviet armour, and with certain concessions to game balance I prepared three tanks for them:

A T34, KV2 and T26, replete with school insignia.  The paint work for these and the models that follow is essentially simple; base coat slightly below the final colour, which is highlighted up to.  Tracks are in my favoured rusty finish (more accurate for the WWII vintage vehicles).  The whole is given a final varnish wash (65% matt varnish, 33% glaze, 2% or so matt black).

No we can come to the fun stuff; our heroes!  Ooarai Girls School and it's mixed ranks of tanks.  I couldn't resist going for the early version paint schemes, for sheer novelty value.  Starting with the Gold Panzer 38t:

Team Turtle
Which ended up like this:
A nice shine, though mine is perhaps a little brassy (ooh-errr!).

Next the fanciest tank in the original line up:

Team Hippo
Remember this is barely more then an inch and a half long:

The banners are fine brass rod and painted paper, drilled and glued in to place.  Quite some colour going on here.

So finally we have to have Miho Nishizumi's team and their Panzer IV D:

Team Anglerfish
Not the most complex or visually dynamic of the models, but still a pleasing finish.
So that's the first batch of models ready.  More work needs to be done with game of course.  And even if it never works as intended, I'm sure I can find some way to utilise these little gems...


  1. I'm glad to see someone doing this. I have some of the models (also in 15mm), but haven't gotten around to painting them yet.