Sunday, October 04, 2015

Something different on the Show Front...

Ordinarily I only go to a couple of gaming shows a year, and they're usually in-out affairs, where I take a few snaps and buy a few bits and get gone as quickly as I can.  The exceptions to date have been the handful where I've put on a display game, and been expected to hang around all day.

Well next week I'm going completely against those principles, with a trip to a four day gaming convention.

In Germany.  No less.

Yep, big time board game fans will already know this must mean I'm going to Essen.  Europe's, possibly the world's biggest gaming show.  It was a bit of a last minute thing, but it is part of an intent to do stuff a little out of my familiarity zone again.  It's not the sort of event I can sneak in and out of in a few hours, rather it's four days of 9-5 gaming with a few guys from the gaming club taking the lead (thankfully at least one has fluent German).

A not entirely serious map of the venue

Now the event is mainly known for board gaming, this is Germany - home of the Eurogame - after all, but there is also plenty of roleplaying, LARP, comics, and hopefully figure gaming too.  And of course, it's going to be all about playing games, lots and lots of games.

And then maybe buying a few.

This could get kinda expensive.

More to report in due course folks, I set off Wednesday...

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