Thursday, October 15, 2015

Perrywatch - Battle in a Box

Look at this behaviour, fascinating
So, after a few days out of things I check in on my favourite little company, and find the announcement of this on their Facebook Page:

This comes only days after I sell my American Civil War army, as a range I was never likely to finish or find a use for, but still; DAMN - that's good value!

All but the trees and boards for under a ton.
Around £150 of models plus a simple set of rules for the modest price of £95 seems like a great deal to me.  If I were looking to start a period from scratch this is an elegant way of doing it.  Although more expensive, it reflects much better value than Warlord's Bolt Action equivalent.

I hope this does well for the chaps.

But than can they please stop building dioramas and doing novelties and get back to sculpting the upcoming plastic French...


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  1. nice and i like the idea of ACW but.....i really dont need anohter period ! shame becasue it is an excellent way into the period