Saturday, October 24, 2015

Girls und Panzer: An Excuse to buy more Tanks!

I'm looking to have a test version of my game concept ready in fairly short order, already I have some 26 different cards developed (18 for main play and 8 for vehicles and characters), but I needed some tokens and a map for playing on.

Well with a fat paypal account this seemed like a good excuse to pick up a range of 1/100th scale tanks.  Big enough to be identifiable, but small enough to use in a 'game'.

A quick visit to the Plastic Soldier Company's site and I came away with this little grab bag of mainly Zvezda models:

Teams Ooarai and Pravda...
As a small review I can say that all of these were a joy to build.  The Russian tanks and the 3(t) and Mk IV are all Zvezda kits and mainly comprise 5 or 6 parts, they take about five minutes each to assemble but the engineering is great, and at this scale you can't ask for much more.  The KV-2 has a multi-part turret, but the whole is held together by a single connecting structure attached to the main gun which is absolutely ingenious!  If you're looking to build up early war forces in 15mm the Zvezda models are hard to beat.

By comparison, the Stug IIIf, by PSC, is a more traditional model, and benefits from more versatility and detail as a result, but the extras are not essential at this scale, though it did permit me to build exactly the right variant for GuP so I shouldn't really complain.

These may get a quick lick of paint but are more likely to get used as seen for initial play testing.

A nice diversion from MSc study yesterday however.


  1. In my humble opinion the guys at Zvezda deserve Nobel prizes for services to wargaming... so clever... snap together and look brilliant in 5 minutes...