Friday, July 10, 2015

Meanwhile: Kings of War Second Ed...


It's not all Age of Sigmar in Toomuchlead Towers this month, but it certainly is very Fantasy-heavy at the moment; bear with me History fans, and we'll be back on a more even keel soon.

Anyway, Today Kings of War V2.0 hit the download limits of one and all from Mantic.

Download here!

And yes, it's another Free set of Rules; the difference here being that Mantic, unlike GW have always issued their rules for Free, and buying the optional rule book gives you everything you need for the game.  Including all the full army lists.

New artwork is only the start.
Having given it a quick scan this evening (exciting, huh?) I can say that not much appears to have changed, but a few points I noted were the disappearance of long range from shooting, the addition of heights, and more clarification on how to measure and undertake charges.  I'm sure there must be other points, but if you already know V1 of the rules it'll not be difficult to pick these, though worth reading carefully to pick up on the differences.

Kings of War are one of the clearest sets of rules out there, and though they may be lacking a few of the nuances that made Warhammer so popular, they also lack said products' innumerable ambiguities.

If you are fishing around for an alternative massed-battle fantasy game, these are surely top of the list.  And once again you can try for free and see how you go.

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