Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Austrian Cavalry - 1st Kaiser Cuirassiers

More Progress on the Austrians, the aim is to have a small force available for battle before the end of summer - say four regiments of foot, four horse, and some guns.  Not a big corps of troops but enough for an evening's quick game.  To this end I have completed my first cavalry regiment; the Kaiser Cuirassiers:

 The usual Austrian white, but at least this time with the variety of campaign pants.  A variety of horse colours too.

 Once again these are Warrior miniatures; cheap clean castings with decent detail for the scale, but essentially only one rank and file pose.  But this suits my intentions, as it gives a nice regimented look in this scale and makes painting quicker.

Additionally with both its' infantry regiments painted already, I had need of a divisional commander for IR.35 & 42.  Thus I also knocked up Feldmarschall-Lieutenant Nostitz, who commanded them at Aspern-Essling:

 I look like having many spare foot officers so it was a no brainer to use one here in concert with the senior officer, he could represent his second in command - Oberst Schaeffer.

So in about four weeks I've managed to get 64 infantry, 8 cavalry and a general painted and based.  I must also admit in that time to buying as many more models for the project, but at the prices Warrior charge I'm not too concerned.  Inertia is with this project at the moment as results are so frequent.  But at the same time Lion Rampant models are close to completion, and some Star Wars figures have now appeared on the paint table for a boardgame-friendly makeover.


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