Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Reaper Giantess

Finally completed after about five months on the side of the 'painting table'.

She's roughly equivalent to a 54mm Model, standing some fourteen feet tall in 28mm standards.  The hardest part was undoubtedly the flesh tones, such large expanses required more subtlety than my normal technique offered.  Although I stuck to layering, I think there are about six or seven layers to the skin tone rather than the usual three.  The cloth and armour were similarly styled whilst the base, club and hair all favoured overbrushing and drybrushing techniques; though again with more graduation of colour than normal.

Overall for all the time taken I remain pleased with the result.  And unless you pick up the model, no-one would ever realise this is is a plastic figure.  I think I've now painted about thirty of my Reaper Bones collection and can only say each one is a treat.

I have enough for some old-school dungeon crawling adventure, maybe it is time to arrange the same...


  1. Really liked this mini (errrr) and your paint job is rather nice well done.

  2. She looks great. I've seen this model in my local wargames shop. I've only painted one of their figures so far and I was very pleased with it. I've bought a few more to do as well. Like you I'm hoping to be able to have enough for some type of fantasy skirmish game.