Saturday, February 21, 2015

Out with the Old...

So yes, I find I'm still wanting to sell stuff on.  

It's one of the common experiences of wargaming I think, passing fads and fancies, moving with the fashions, so on and so on.  If wargamers weren't so fickle though the sellers wouldn't make a living.

This time it's my 28mm WW2 collection that has finally become yesterdays fashion.  I have a number of issues with these models which make it easier to move them on; given the vehicles are 1/48th scale, and the uniform colours are not always bang on.  But mainly it is just that armies are not ones I have any urge to use any more.  

I'm still keen on the period, but locally at least the popular rules for 28mm WW2 are Bolt Action, which I really felt were seriously flawed (to the point of being almost unplayable - is it just me or is the Pin mechanic completely broken); so no encouragement there.  I don't have the space for 28mm scaled games with tanks on the board, whatever the rules it looks like 40k on a 6x4 foot table, problems that go away in 20mm, and more so in smaller scales.

It makes room for other things of course - space is always at a premium - and the personal newness is Napoleonics and Medievals, not tanks and things.  

And so: You can click this link for the ebay sale.  I will be happy to see them go to a good home, here's hoping I at least see them on someone else's blog one day.

That might be nice.

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