Friday, April 12, 2013

Dark Age Warriors

More 28mm Plastics.  With Salute just around the corner (but too far south for me to bother with) all the big British companies are gearing up for their new releases; hence the notification of the Perry Desert Rats the other day.  Checking other websites I see that another release I will probably fall victim to is coming:

GB promote these as suitable for the poorer troops of practically any nation in Europe from around 400-1100ad.  From my standpoint a box of these would add to my Vikings and Franks at the expense of some of my tattier old models.

The 40 figures in a box will retail at £20, with five torsos and a variety of options as shown above.  Compared to their previous Viking and Saxon sets, these are a more basic outing with less on the sprue and no command figures; but one that should - like Wargames Factory's Numidians - serve them and the gaming community very well, on the grounds of adaptability.

Well done Gripping Beast!


  1. Yes, I may pick up a box or two of these.

    I am toying with the idea of playing Dux Britanniarum as well as expanding my fantasy collection. A change of shields of these figures and maybe a headswap or ten and they will pass for some fantasy human troops.

  2. Thanks for the review... I'm planning to pick up a box of these at Salute to bolster my Saga Vikings and Saxons so it's very timely!