Friday, April 05, 2013

Bolt Action - Assault on Normandy Starter Set

Karma may be trying to tell me something, I dunno, but I've been gifted a Warlord 'Bolt Action' Starter set from the Headingley Games Club.  As Warlord loves to promote its' products to clubs, they had received a starter bundle, and as the clubs active 28mm WW2 player, and scenery builder it was passed to me to do with as I see fit.

The contents (which retail for £60 ordinarily) are pretty good:

There's the rule book of course, but also 40 plastic figures, bases, a ruined farmhouse set and some of the Bolt Action orders dice.  Overall the separate price for all the items would be around£75-80 so as an entry into the system it represents reasonable value.

I'm yet to decide what exactly to do with the contents; I already have a set of the rules, and have no need for terrain, so both of these items are likely to end up back in the Headingley club, once they've been prepared for the club of course.  On the other hand, by using the models I can expand my own collection, and present demonstration games at the club for interested parties; and for this the dice will come in handy...

Decisions, decisions.  Nice to have this one to make.

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  1. It is a great set. Bought it myself a couple of weeks ago!!