Monday, April 22, 2013

Agema Miniatures

I didn't go to Salute (I did three nightclubs this weekend instead!), it's too far south and I guess I'm not hardcore enough to be bothered.  Besides the blogosphere allows me to find out all about it afterwards!

One of the tidbits I have picked up with interest is the appearance of another Plastic miniatures venture; Agema Miniatures.  This is a very modest one compared to most but starts with a useful subject:

sixteen miniatures for a tenner, give or take.  The figures are in fact a single sprue with only two torsos, and a limited selection of options, but they look good and hopefully are the start of more to come.  If compatible with the Wargames Factory Numidians they could be varied up a fair bit I guess, but as they are they open up a variety of options.

There is also talk of  a Kickstarter campaign for the next sets, which I will be investigating.

Thanks to Mike at Trouble At T'Mill for the original posting...


  1. I bought some too, attracted by their realistic anatomy. The only danger for them is that they don't fit well enough with other manufacturers ranges. Not such an issue for skirmishers but might become more so when they do the promised legionaries.

  2. I think that although it is only two figures you can vary them up by positioning arms and head differently.
    I think they might be a bit small/too slim to go with WF numidians though...

    I spoke to them at Salute and they are planning on legionaries to be released in August with 12 Hastati, 12 Principes and 8 Triarii per box(if I remember right).

  3. All types in one box. Excellent!