Saturday, April 03, 2010

Positive spin, but not much output

OK, if your only measurement of success in a month is models painted; March sucked.

March personally was a roller-coaster month; one in which painting was the last thing on my mind. In real terms I managed three items. The two Warhammer ruins pictured below, and a P-47n Thunderbolt fighter to support my American WW2 army. I'm being really generous to myself to call that 30 points.

With 68 points from January and 86 from February, I'm still well ahead of course; a total of 184 points to a target of 150. However I had reached a stage of total apathy so far as painting was concerned.

However I finally got another commission battalion of WW2 Germans ready yesterday afternoon, and the next stage will be to get some paint on them. I don't expect to go back to the mass production levels of activity of last year (there were more reasons for that high output than simple industriousness), but hopefully I should be able to crack on with a few additions to my own collections I've been meaning to do.

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