Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Impressive Sales

I recently put up an entire army for sale, one of the many items that I hadn't used in years and felt it appropriate to move on to pastures new.

My Epic Tyranid army was largely bought painted up for a mere £20 about 8 years ago. I added about £30 of new plastic and metal models to fill it out, and then used it on the table, possibly twice. I certainly had no intention of using it again so onto eBay with it...

And straight off of eBay it went to, when the 'Buy it Now' option for £150 was snapped up by a chap in Spain! I would have been happy to sell for half that price, and realised I could probably have stuck another £50-100 on the B.I.N price (if I was greedy) and still have found a buyer. Well chuffed with that I was, but it didn't make me laugh in disbelief as much as the other sale I started at the same time.

I'd already donated a handful of Necromunda terrain to the club, at which point I was told, "oh, you should have put these on eBay, they sell really well." As it happens I still had thirteen pieces kicking around, so onto eBay with them; hoping for about 50p a piece as a good result.

Well, folks, old GW stuff can it seems be really valuable; they sold for £26! someone willingly paid my £2 per piece. Extraordinary!

If only I had kept the other bits, or had more old classic stuff like this!

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