Monday, April 19, 2010

It's a Dogfight.

A new opponent for me brought one of the best games of the year so far, in a battle that was supposed to ensure a Dogs of War victory, by both of us fielding the Dogs of War!

Myself and Jason took very different approaches to our 2000 point armies, Jason opted for a solid force of three pike units and two large formations of knights, with a handful of crossbows and a cannon in support. By comparison I fielded my usual menagerie of diverse troop types; only a single pike unit, and a small unit of knights, but duellists, crossbows, horse archers, ogres, dwarves, a winged lion for my general and even an Orc giant fleshing out the multiracial force.

The game itself was excellent fun with my mobility countering Jason’s solidity and might. The Giant, made for a dismal first performance in the employ of the Mercenary Princes. Being hit by a cannonball and then cut down by crossbows. However in the meantime my light troops made it difficult for his heavy forces to operate freely; in particular the horse archers on my left and the General on his flying creature on my right played havoc with his troops.

As the turns ran out the massed Pike of Jason’s centre had failed to make an impression on me, having been lured in to chasing my Ogres around. His Cavalry was pulled apart by my General and latterly by my pikemen, whilst my own cavalry came around the rear.

At the end of the battle, it looked to all like a victory for my side, we held ground and the banners of the enemy, but losses like the rout of my Paymaster near the end of the game and the luckless giant evened the score enough that by the rules, it was deemed a draw. A bloody draw!

And so despite a fantastic game with lots of action and good narrative fun, neither of us could declare a victory for the Dogs of War! Ah well, maybe next time…

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  1. That's the first time I have seen two dogs of war armies fight it out. Looks fun.