Thursday, March 04, 2010

Quick updates

The blog has been ticking over on old posts of late, with very little current news. Those who know me on a more personal level will have a good idea why, suffice to say real life has been getting in the way of toy soldiery in an often pleasing fashion.

As a consequence I haven't so much as put brush to paint in the last week, an eternity for me. However after a Shaky start Pledge targets were met for February, though mostly on commission and sales work. More details at the weekend.

In other news, myself and a few of the lads from the Club are going to drive down to the 'Eye of the Storm' in Nottingham for the BlackPowder gaming day on 13th March, anyone interested can find out more from their website:

Click on the Events Forum.

Given I will have had maybe four hours sleep before driving down it should be a fine day of Red Bull consumption, fatigue-skewed humour and bad dice rolling. I'll be the skinny guy dressed like a new raver in a lurid orange t-shirt...

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