Tuesday, March 30, 2010

40K terrain - stage one

Personally I'm 99% sure I'm selling up my Warhammer 40k collection; at the weekend I retrieved it from storage and looking at the amount of unfinished stuff and associated clutter just filled me with despair. The first act was to pass the terrain from my collection on to the club.

Independently of that though I had been given some of the recent terrain sets to assemble as I saw fit, and prepare for the club. Potentially an onerous task, but the models went together well and you can't argue with them for a sense of scale:

The larger ruin is fully 30cm tall, whilst the almost intact building is more than 15x20cm in footprint. The smaller building moreover was built from a mix of spare panels and walkways.

Both importantly will block lines of sight, which in the present rules are a major problem. Any line of sight allows a unit/figure to be targeted, and there is no area terrain for visibility. So solid walls are good.

The plan next is to paint these with the minimum of fuss; so the club is paying for a nice can of black spray paint; over that I'm thinking some blue and metallic dry-brushing, some dust and job done...

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