Tuesday, March 09, 2010

It's that 'BE' Feeling Again

Definitely my favourite set of rules at present, it's been a long time since I've played a game so frequently. A couple of weeks back it was a match up against Marks Germans. Another river crossing thanks to a random choice of tables.

The Germans had limited resources on table, whilst my Americans lined up in force on the launch point.
Nearby Bob and Steve clashed with Brits and Germans too. A radio controlled Tiger tank harasses a Die-Cast Churchill tank...

Marks Germans are done with the 'Army Painter' shading system; and it certainly produces reasonable results easily enough:

As for the game itself, well the Germans in the village proved impossible to extract, but their limited reserves allowed the Americans time to do some damage. However the restraint the American armour showed compromised any real chance of winning.

The German Brumbaer tank flattered to deceive with a short ranged and weak gun and only average armour, it looked a lot more fearsome than it was, both Shermans could have taken it in short order.

The other trump card Mark had was a Henschel 139 ground attack aircraft, but in three turns on table it managed only to kill two men and made a very poor account of itself. Mark's best weapon was his mortar which did modest, but well targeted work all evening.

And that was enough to stop the American attack and secure a Phyrric victory of sorts.

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