Friday, November 21, 2008

Stop Press - Plastics again!

"At Warlord Games we’ve always said that we will would tackle new periods that have a strong flavour for gamers all around the world. In all sorts of surveys and polls that we have seen the English Civil Wars and the Thirty Years War have been right up there on people’s wish list, and that’s certainly the case with us too!"
So, another period appears in 28mm plastic, with Warlord Games announcing three sets of English Civil War figures - Royalists, Parliament and Scots. I'll not be tempted to scale up on these, as my 15mm ECW armies are virtually finished and have plenty of opponents. Still these look mighty nice, and could fill in for Thirty Years wars or in my case another unit of Dogs of war pikemen.
Truly Plastics are coming of age now, I doubt there'll be many periods not covered in some way in a few years time.
Very pleasing.


  1. It'd be good to see some pictures of those one day... also what rules are you using or should I assume Warhammer?? :o)

  2. Well, my 15mm ECW will appear again one day I'm sure; as for rules I use the 'Regiment of Foote' rules by Peter Pig. The best ECW rules I've played. I read the Warhammer ECW rules and didn't like them! Their rule engine does not in my opinion suit ranked mass fire type warfare.

  3. OH HAPPY DAY!!!!
    I've been waiting for this to happen. I particularly like the way they have focused on the figures personality/facial expression. Reminds me of the Victrix Napoleonics. Accuracy is good but I think it’s a good thing for figure manufacturers to remember that it’s all a bit of escapism.