Thursday, November 06, 2008

Germans for sale...

In an effort to keep ahead of my self in the painting stakes, I fell back on the old faithful, World War Two Germans. Easy to do and always a good seller on eBay.

Grenadier Regiment 1222, The Arhnem corridoor 1944:

A Battalion sized group based up for the Rapid fire Wargames rules. Mostly based on pennies.

The unit designation was picked up from one of the recent Osprey books on the Wehrmacht. Unit painted in M1943 pattern uniform with custom made camouflage jackets and helmet covers on about 10% of the troops. The colours are I must admit much greener than the traditional German uniforms I'd still been painting until recently, but it just shows how different fact is from perception (and historical stereotypes I guess).

20mm scale figures by Valiant Miniatures £9 for 68 hard plastic models. Including heavy support such as this 80mm mortar team.

Below some of the regular infantry. I probably should have dealt with that flash! It's only obvious on a couple of pieces, but that Panzerfaust is really bad looking.

On these figures I tried a new glaze varnish mix, based on my old enamels' formula. In Acrylics I tried it out thus:

8 parts Vallejo Matt Varnish
8 parts Vallejo glazing agent
2 parts Vallejo Matt Black

At first there was a lot more black in the mix and I had to scrap the blend and start again as it was far too dark. The glazing agent slowed the drying process down but made for good pooling of the shading black. However, it is not at all hard wearing! I had to revarnish the helmets to protect the most handled surfaces from apparent wearing.

Anyway, this little lot are off straight onto eBay, where based on past lots, they should sell for about £60. I have large enough 20mm WW2 armies of my own already...

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