Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Conclusion of two projects

For the time being at least I have no reason to add anything more to these two armies. So with the finishing of the figures below I am happy to declare them both finished.

First up are a unit I'd not planned on, but opportunity offered to me. I picked up a group of Halberdier figures at Fiasco last month, and was able to turn them into the Bodyguard for my Paymaster in the Dogs of War army. Very little outlay either in money, or effort as these were very simple figures to paint.

The camera is packing up it seems, these pictures are very poor, and in truth the colour of the uniform is a more regal purple.

Elsewhere I was able to buzz through the finishing touches on this Ork Warboss and Bigmek. Although notionally Goffs, who wear a lot of black, you wouldn't know it after the effect of painting all those wires and wotnots! Again the camera is doing a good job of letting the side down, plus natural daylight is at a bit of a shortage for camera work.

Firstly the Big Mek:

And then, the Assault on Black Reach Warboss:

I'm not as enamoured of this figure as many others seem to be, I find the pose a little awkward, and other than the clip on arm rather flat.

Still I'm glad to have got these out of the way. I'm now moving on to the last little project before I pack up for a bit.

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