Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September's Pledge update.

Another week, another load of painting; actually, the first item here was finished some time ago, before the knights below, but has only just made it to photo's. Allesandro Panini is a rather late arrival for leading his mercenaries into battle.

I'm not convinced about the purple and gold cloak, but I do really like the yellow sash. Overall this was a figure I was glad to see the back of, as it were.

I also knocked up another bundle for sale on eBay. I'm relieved to report the Commando's sold for the asking price of £50. Which makes them about £1 a figure. A fair rate I feel. The next load will not sell for that alas, as they are a more niche market, and not the easiest to promote on eBay without falling foul of the promotion rules. Nevertheless, here is someone suspiciously familiar leading a force of insurgents:

32 figures organised into three 9-man cells a mortar team and a HQ with a military advisor. Watch out for these guys on sale soon.

The September painting totals are now in and my running score now stands at:
  • Bought: 169
  • Painted: 323
  • Sold: 48
Alas at the minute I'm slightly below the 2:1 ratio I'd see as the minimum acceptable, and way off the 3:1 I'd see as optimal; but this is partly due to the new GW 40k boxed set; of which I not only bought one, but then purchased a separate set of the Ork sprues from it.
This is, I accept, the unacceptable behaviour of an addict. And I am now trying to stop any such activities, and get on instead with churning out some of the piles of plastic and lead lying around waiting to be done.

There's only two months left of my painting season, so time's pressing too!

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