Friday, September 05, 2008

Dogged determination...

Won't help theses chaps win any battles it seems, but still from a painting standpoint, more units are finished.

Firstly the Focaccia state artillery:

Then, the Duellists of Taralli:

Their leader:

Il Regimento Di Ciacotta:

A wizard of shade from the northern marches, Radi Raphanus:

All efforts so far have proved to nought however; their last engagement was against a Dwarf Slayer army, and although it was a close run thing, when it counted, my pikemen wavered (before rallying it has to be said) and let the opportunity to inflict a crushing defeat slip away.

Another unit is already finished, but so in general do I think this army is; it may well be on it's way to eBay at the end of the year.

Ah well...


  1. The artillery unit is good - the crew are nice but that's a lovely job on the gun... well done..

  2. I those duellists and that artillery piece. Very nice Dean.

    Great pics too.