Friday, September 26, 2008

The Knights of any old Republic*

As stated the Dogs of War finally pulled out the stops and made some military headway, this was partly the result of painting some quality troops. The latest unit to appear in the army is the Companie del morcilla de Burgos; A squadron of knights hired with money from the forces of Chaos:

I quite fancied doing painted armour, and this is my first real try at it. I suppose it shouldn't be that difficult, as I paint cloth and so forth all the time. The stripes were always in mind, but it took some time to decide on the wreath. I was tempted to add a crown over it, but that was going to get a bit fiddly.

The Commander, notice his piercing eyes? I experimented in an effort to stop all my figures having a wild stare. The solution was simple, before applying the white to the eye, paint the same area a deep reddish brown; then apply a narrow line of white and then spot with black for the pupil. The result is somewhere between eyelashes and mascara, but really helps I think.

I think the standard bearer is great too. It's almost enough to make me want to do a real Renaissance army. Almost...

*Obscure StarWars pun, anyone?


  1. Most impressive - how did you do the wreath??? Are they transfers?

  2. All hand painted my friend.

    Started with a dark military green to give an effective Silhouette then the leaves are done with a Us Uniform green and a thin brush (Size 0) Then a little yellow was added to highlight the upper leaves with a lime green, also done to the knot at the centre.

    Actually a very simple design, but a steady hand is essential!