Wednesday, October 03, 2007

HMS Norfolk 1944

A US company - Viking Forge approached me a couple of weeks ago, having, via a circuitous route found out about my 1:1800 scale ship modelling. They wanted to know if I could do similar work in 1:2400. Not something I'd ever tried before.

The above is the result, a sample model designed for casting and hence using brass parts in places. To be honest I don't even know if those masts will cast, but I do know the detailing is as good as I've managed in 1:1800, making allowances for the pressures involved in casting up models.

The hardest part was the research though. The Norfolk went through several incarnations, and each time aspects of the superstructure were substantially changed. On top of that there were few high quality photographs of the ship available; most of those I could find were grainy and unclear. In the end I was able to assemble a reasonable version of the 1944 refit of the Norfolk, when one 8 inch turret was removed, and masses of 'triple A' replaced it.

Hopefully the company will be impressed enough to order more, it's something I can easily do on an ad-hoc basis; and shortly it would usefully augment my income.

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