Sunday, October 07, 2007

Guess what?

Yes, another tale of defeat.

It's now been since July that I've gone without a victory in a game. Close to three whole months at a rate of nearly one game a week. I'd almost go so far as to say it was demoralising, but that may be too much.

On Wednesday it was only a small matching of Warhammer, a mere thousand points a side; but the out come was the same.

My Goblins of course never were likely to stand much hope against the undead, seldom a good pairing, but the only painted fantasy armies I have makes it the logical one.

Battle began as shown above, with the goblins at least enjoying useful cover and a strong centre awaiting the enemy.

Sadly when your enemy is the undead, your hopes are slim, without vampires, but instead with two mages who could seemingly summon more skeletons almost at will, it was going to be an uphill struggle.
My troll advanced and made some headway, but not enough, ending up killed in a melee by a Necromancer, rather too skillful with his sword I fear.

Goblins elsewhere unleashed a fanatic, who achieved nothing, eventually swinging clear off the table. The Ghouls were destroyed in time, but for a heavy cost in lives and time, I couldn't afford. You have to beat the undead fast or they just keep coming...

And so it was their masses smashed into my combat units. What hope did I have then? None whatsoever, I simply couldn't kill enough of them with my typically crappy Warhammer dice rolls. For example my Orc boss: three attacks at 3+ to hit, gets one hit, at Strength 6 2+ to auto kill, misses; then unit routs and he's rolled up and killed :-( .

With the orcs gone the goblins held on just long enough to be surrounded and wiped out too. Awful, Awful, Awful.

What can I say?

Was fun though; chin up!

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