Thursday, September 13, 2007

Leeds AK47

Yesterday was a game of AK47 Republic, on of a couple over the next few weeks. I opted to try an army from the supplement - A corporate army, utilising my UN models. My force was as can be seen below:

A company of mechanised UN infantry. A troop of UN armoured cars. A mercenary troop of 'Technicals'. A truck-borne company of Mercenary infantry, and a mixed group of local militia operating captured vehicles (as luck would have it the Political Manoeuvring table gave these chaps two tanks too!)

UN APC's. On the left is a German Fuchs, that I created the master of for QRF 'back in the day'. The right is a converted V100, I modified to the command vehicle variant, adding the raised superstructure, radio gear and HMG.

A Mercenary Technical. Here it's a Peter Pig Unimog and Quad 14.5mm AA mated together with a little chopping of the AA trailer to fit. Simple but very effective.

The Militia operate a captured Armoured car. This was first painted in the standard pattern of the donor force; then over painted with a haphazard paint scheme and lots of propaganda slogans. Oh, and the turret is scratch built too!

Anyway, what of the game. My opponent (Chris once again) fielded a Dictatorship, roughly along these lines:

Unarmed APC's carrying Regular infantry and Recoiless rifles. Regular tanks. Professional armoured cars. A regular battery on truck borne mortars. Militia, with a couple of HMGs and not much else.

The game started well for me, as I had the better initial composition of forces, all motorised thanks to being part of a Corporate force. I was able to advance on two objectives and initially push the enemy back.
In convoy...
The Ntumtulanders withdraw...

UN forces occupy the heights above the river. In the distance though the tide is turning; against the normal run of play the defending Ntumtu reserves turned up before the UN backed forces. The UN would suffer at the hands of the tanks and Armoured cars. This stalled my progress.

A Battle over the ford developed between my Technicals and the various forces of armoured cars. It wouldn't be resolved until the very last turn, when two of my units were finished off. Elsewhere the tanks advance along the river's edge ,trying to avoid RPG and infantry fire from the heights. The UN called in Air cover but to no avail.
Further back at the village, a late flanking attack by the UN allied militias was beaten off in a close quarters engagement that cost both sides their best local troops, but left the Ntumtulander in control of the village .
The UN airstrikes go in. The model is a very old Heller 1:100 Super Mystere kit.
A lovely little model, I converted so it can sit either on a flying stand or on it's (separate) landing gear.

In the End Chris and the Ntumtulanders won by 91 points to 63. It was all down to the last turn, Had I lost one unit less I might have even won, it would've certainly been closer.
Next Thursday it's more of the same, I think I may use the Corporate army again...

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