Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Harrogate AK47

And I won't surprise you with the ending but see if you can guess!

Firstly some photo's of Patrick's dictatorship forces; pretty nicely painted, and with a good line in accessories and markers. My force was essentially the same as the UN force I fielded last week, so you can see the army in an earlier post.

Notice the rather neat technicals and the air support marker.

The game itself was based round a UN occupied airbase, under attack by the local generals forces. In the event my mercenaries proved wholly unreliable, never appearing. As a result the UN relied on their own troops and the local police forces. Meanwhile nearly all the dictatorship units appeared at the start, including 6 armoured cars!

The UN had to shelter in the airbase for the whole game. Although their APC's were destroyed the infantry were able to keep control of the base. UN armoured cars arrived in support, but were thoroughly luckless, being destroyed in short order.

Elsewhere the other armoured cars and infantry slowly advanced on a second objective and the sheltering Police forces. The Police put up a stiff fight but had not the range to really affect the enemy.

in the end it was a clear defeat for the UN though the score reflected my bad luck more than a military masterstroke for the dictatorship. Had I been able to destroy or rout just one unit with the same losses I suffered it would have been a draw.

They play several elements of the rules differently to how I'm used, how I understood them to be intended at Harrogate. They allow units to split fire (I disapprove) and habitually pre-measure. (Which unless rules specifically state is permitted, I never allow) . Also ordinarily the only count stands that move in a unit as moving rather than the whole force. I think that last one misrepresents the intent of the rules, especially around militia troops. But as I'd happily deferred on the other points, Patrick honourably conceded this 'rule'.

Overall, like all games of AK47, it was good fun, one enjoys trying to minimise the defeat in this game, almost as much as maximising a victory!

Elsewhere in the club it was all World War Two. Most members being involved in a aerial dogfight game, whilst three others set up a big 8x6 foot table for a 28mm Pacific game. I snapped a few shots of the workmanlike figures and terrain:

So I'm back to Harrogate in four weeks, for a game of Warhammer Ancients. I need to take a 'Shieldwall' army, not sure whether to go with predictable Vikings or trickier Franks. Hmmm...

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