Monday, September 17, 2007

Clearing the Clutter

Is there any wargamer in the world who doesn't start more projects than he can finish?

I imagine there are a few sainted individuals who can; and I imagine like many saints; they wind up crucified by the many sinners. Jealous of their restraint or magical ability to only work on one project at a time, or to only 'buy' painted models.

I'm a bad case of the sinner on this front, prone to starting too many periods, too many games. For reasons that will become apparent in time on the blog (ooh, mysterious) though; I'm really having to put a stop to that. I'm not giving up the hobby, that would be impossible (as the wife accepts!) I must however rationalise.

One essential is finishing all the projects on the painting table.

This shot flatters to deceive, no honestly it does; you can't see the 15 Thracians (last of the Spartans, thank the gods) and a 1:2400 scale commission ship I'm scratch building in this. What it does show is a mass of half finished odds and ends, that were bought or even started from stock in a brief moment of enthusiasm.

Worst offender here is the Italian Anti-Tank gun, which has been in that state for 2 years. Most recent addition to the loitering pile is the undercoated penitent. There are figures for at least seven different games lying around on there.

However it was worse earlier this week. Over the weekend I shifted a couple of German Anti-Aircraft guns that had sat there for over 18 months. The Spartans are nearly finished, and the goblins are fast tracked for the next day or two. They are simple basecoat and wash jobs.

I need to get this lot shot in the next month, so I can address other matters; but to achieve that I need to be strict with myself. no distractions!. Stay tuned to see what gets painted, and what ends up 'Back in the Box'...

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