Monday, January 13, 2020

Painting Oddments

Trawling through the camera and mobile phone, there are a bunch of records of items I've done in the last few months.  As I'll most certainly not post about them individually, here we'll rush through them all.

First of all, I've come back to the Conan miniatures and started churning out a few more of the characters:

Including two more Conan variants and the glorious Camel.  That said, I'm also at the stage of having to paint some of the worst sculpts in the set.  Such as the weirdly flat Bone Golem...

Next up; WW2 German Infantry:


These are mainly PSC Germans, along with a handful of the old Valiant Miniatures.  Not photographed are another ten man section I finished, making for a total of 40 infantry to go with the command and recon elements I'd done before.  Although the basic technique I've used for these is the shaded glaze method, the level of underlying detail was increased, with better camouflage and so on.

Having enough models to play a game now, my thoughts have turned to terrain, of which I have little presently suitable for a 20mm Normandy set up.  I quickly assembled a few buildings in the Normandy style, though somewhat simplified.  I experimented with the airbrush for some of the painting, and finished the rest in a traditional style.
Next up, a barn and ruin, and some Bocage.

Lastly for today, I did a little painting for my Girlfriend for Xmas.  She is a big Alfonse Mucha fan, with many prints of his art around her house.  I was able to get hold of a limited edition 75mm sculpt of one of the figures from his work, and painted it up as best I could for her.

Quite a different challenge, being a model with far more subtle details than your typical wargames miniature.  I was happy with most of the result though; and the good lady loved it!



  1. Great stuff,

    Like you I never post everything, but this year I intend to post all completed pieces including terrain bits, much easier now on my new phone to click shoot and upload.

    All the best with your projects in 2020


  2. Love the figurine - very nice work... highlighting on the dress is very good but the eyes are superb..