Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Overdue Dragon Rampant Batrep

Well, photo's anyway.

Myself and Matt squeezed a couple of small games in a few Sundays ago, both of us trying different armies out as it happened.

Matt's Forest Friends 
A real mixture of makes and models made up Matt's army, including Fungoid warriors, cultists, Elementals and GW Gryphounds.

For my part, I brought the chosen warriors of Zeus:

Mythic Greece 
This was essentially a case of diving into my Spartan army for all the suitable singly based models, plus the Greek-appropriate figures from the rest of my collection; having a unit of Centaurs in my Dogs of War army certainly helped.

As to the games...
Battle one was based on the grabbing the treasures scenario from the DR rulebook.  We hadn't tried this one before, but it soon became apparent that on a small table it would be a quick game.

Matt gained the early advantage, and the game would've been over sooner had I not forced one of his units to sit on a treasure rather than collecting it.

 My losses built up, whilst Matt had relatively light casualties.

He was able to grab the final objective and end the pain swiftly.  I failed to achieve any boasts and so lost by a large margin.

That taking under an hour, we set up different terrain and opted for a straight battle with the same forces.

I think I advanced better initially, but the two portals were an issue.  We agreed to them acting as a linear obstacle, but crossing either one caused you to appear out of the other.  Matt placed his Elementals on one of the portals and the threat of them outflanking me made it necessary to tie up units in the defense of the position.

My Centaurs tried to lead the charge, but it didn't really work.

Rather it was my skirmishers who were the star players, doing most of the damage.

The game ended with me, probably needlessly, still defending the Portal.  I had at least fended off one attack through it, and had diverted my best troops from defending it in favour of my most aggressive.

However, it was again a defeat for me.  By a significant margin.

A couple of fun games however.


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  1. Who cares about winning or losing? Fun was had, it seems!