Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Which mean sales

I've decided to move on my most sensitive collections, mainly as I simply don't use them anymore, and have no desire to put them to table again, or add to them.

In the light of my previous post this may come as no surprise; but I am not getting out of the hobby; just rationalising what I have and getting some space back.

It's my 'Ultra-Moderns' collection that is going now.

I have a large collection of Yugoslav Civil War miniatures, that I'll admit feeling increasingly uncomfortable about playing with.  Additionally a few leftovers of my old, old Iran-Iraq War troops turned out amongst them, It runs up to a good 15 or more lots so they are going up at very reasonable prices on eBay now.

Dean_AKI_UK's eBay Sales

The initial sales include:

Croat Tiger Battalion

Kurdish Peshmerga 

Serbian tanks

Serbian Regulars

Iraqi militias

Croat ZNC armour
It is always the sure sign I am ok for the sale of something when I feel no urge to make use of the models again whilst sorting them for sale; it is simply a case of arranging them into sensible selections that should appeal.

There are plenty more bits to go up when I get the time, but if you want to start a new period or expand one you are cool with where I'm not so fussed anymore, grab yourself a bargain.


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