Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Small-town Thinking

It's not all doom and gloom.

Preparations for the new project continue at a slow pace.  A handful more models are nearly finished, and the rules and campaign map are started.  But the biggest effort was put into enough buildings to create a small town on a battlefield. 

Given some of the early games may lean towards skirmishes rather than full blown battles, I wanted enough houses available to allow for street fighting or city square based scenarios.  Thus I started to knock a few buildings up:

 It's my usual foamcore construction technique here.  The roofs are an ingenious short cut as I didn't fancy making hundreds of little tiles and gluing them on individually.  Instead I trawled a DIY store for a suitably textured wallpaper, and took a foot wide strip off the sample roll (in fact, three or four different ones, so I at least looked like I wanted to do some comparison at home!).  This was simply cut to shape and glued to the roofs; a doddle!

So I had four cottages, a barn and a church, in a generically central European style.  Good stuff.

Then I got carried away...




I've ended up with 13 houses, a handy little collection, including a couple of town houses, a 'Gasthaus' (German style regional manor) and a stable block.  A good little town.  Moreover, whilst all the buildings are suitable for the 18th & 19th century - so working for my Imagi-nations and my Napoleonic Austrians - all but three will work well enough with my English Civil War forces too.

And being 15mm and unbased, they fit quite neatly in one small box that stores inside my terrain box.

Anything that takes up no additional space is a win for me at the minute.



  1. They look great. Nice job.

  2. Amazing work sir, these look great.

  3. Nice looking town .....and easy storage too a bonus 🙂

  4. Lovely work and smart move on the wallpaper front!
    Best Iain