Monday, October 02, 2017

Old War Reports 3

Still catching up, here is a brief tale of a Dragon Rampant game where Matt was able to reap some revenge for his previous defeat.

Pygmies and Ogres...

And a Cockatrice support the kingdoms of men

Meanwhile, Goblins joined the Kobold alliance

The two sides gamely approach one another (36 point game)

The Cockatrice quickly gave the men the upper hand

Proving a real challenge to fend off,
until it became stuck in a crystal forest

Big boys face off

It began to look more even as the Kobolds made a valiant stand

Outmatching human pikemen, ill-equipped to deal
with their close combat ways

Nevertheless, only the Kobold rangers survived

To endure a long chase and withering retreat
It was not as one-sided a battle as it felt at first, but out of a rare stubbornness, it went on far longer than it should.  My rangers had the only shooting left and were theoretically capable of pulling a draw.  Realistically it was a one in a thousand shot.

An enjoyable game nevertheless, as Dragon Rampant generally is.


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