Sunday, October 22, 2017

Another year, Another Project...

Things are getting ambitious.

One of my wargaming friends, James T has avowed a desire to play an Imagi-Nations campaign; and I've allowed myself to be convinced.  I'm going to write a set of campaign rules to allow low intensity but varied play with our nations; using Tony Bath's seminal book for inspiration:

We look to have 4-6 players interested in getting involved too, though it may be the two of us to begin with.

Like most Imagi-Nations games, the period is going to be a pseudo 18th century, allowing for grand battles, skirmishes, and individual duels even.  This also means relatively easy uniforms to deal with.

We mused the options before deciding on 15mm as the primary scale.  This for the main reasons of space and price; and after some research, myself and James both picked up a Warrior Miniatures generic 18th century army starter set; providing some 110-120 miniatures for under £20.  Enough for a small army each and a few individual figures.

There's much writing to be done, but we don't intend to begin in earnest until 2018, thus I've time to get the troops painted.  Here therefore I present the first troops of the Confederation of Gebrovia:

The Baron of  Skiuvania

The Skiuvania (front) and Gruib Plasteni regiments 
As yet no flags, but I am deciding on a national design before I commit to these.  The Warrior Miniatures set permits 6 regiments of foot to this presentation, along with 2 units of horse (in sixes), Artillery and some skirmishers and characters.

I hope to write a system where intrigues and raids are as important as set piece battles, and where players need not intensively engage every month of the game.  Past experience with campaigns suggests groups can burn out if the commitment is too much.  In the mean time, I need to get more painting and writing done.

Best get on.


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