Saturday, July 08, 2017

Up from the Sewers!

So I had about a month off the blog.

During that time I have done some painting, but not so much gaming; life takes its' own course and other matters arose.  I do have a backlog of games to write up if so inclined as usual of course.  But let's jump forward in time somewhat.

These are the last fantasy models I'm painting for the present, switching to a few historical projects for a change of pace for a while.  Here though, I present the Brothers Grax.

A pair of trolls for an elite infantry slot painted to match my Dungeon Delving Kobolds force and its' miscellaneous allies. The brothers Grax are Sewer Trolls from the pallid depths of the Underhive, where at least turning to stone in the sunlight is never an issue for them.

They'll join the Kobolds on raids, even venturing above ground; though it is fair to say they often are happier to fight with each other...

Both models are from the Reaper Bones range, and scale up well to other ranges of Trolls.  The painting was pretty straightforward; though at the very end I decided to add a wash to the scales.  This could have been tidier but it seems to do the trick.

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  1. Excellent work there sir! Particularly like the skin tones; I always find flesh harder to paint than uniforms. Need more practice...