Friday, December 30, 2016

Mass Rampage

The last miniatures game of the year was a bit of an epic, as we were able to gather 6 players for a massed game of Dragon Rampant:

The players gather:  Clockwise from left; Matt, Paul, Gav, Ricky & James 
We set up an 8x4 foot table to allow an adequate amount of space and divided the two sides along natural alignments - good versus evil.  The scenario was kept to the simple Bloodbath.  For team Evil it was me Matt and Paul:

Evil Kobolds reflected my command, Bob the Troll would do most of the heavy lifting...

Matts' Demons were the most aggressive force, Pauls' Beastmen lurk in the forests beyond 
Team Good had already lost the moral high ground, I'm sure you can guess how, dear reader!

Gavs' High Elves flank Rickys' Grey Elves

Finally James' Saracens led by a Vizier and his Djinns  
Each side would alternate electing a commander to activate as much of his force as he could, per the normal rules of engagement.  This was reasonably pacey but not as quick as a two player game.  I muse that an alternate solution would be to allow the initiative winning side to pick a flank to start on, e.g. left and then each sides' flank would act at the same time (as they are highly unlikely to effect one another)  then the initiative holding centre commander can choose to go first or second in the centre, then the final flanks would go.  Not a perfect solution, but quicker...

Anyway, we still go a fair number of turns in, even if in some cases this was because forces ground to a halt with a surreal regularity.  My wizardling failed three casting commands in a row, as the second command roll of my turn each time; he never once cast a spell, my advance stalled all game as a result.

The demons and Saracen horse lead the way 

Elves push forward whilst the Beastmen struggle to leave the forest 

Demons prove brittle, running from horseflesh 

The Great Eagle covers the enemy battlelines 

Nope, it's safe in here! 

Minotaurs attempt to close 

Mid battle from Gav & Pauls' end 
After a strong start Team Evil started the run out of steam, not helped by the slow advance of mine and Pauls' troops.  The Elves had formed a strong battleline and along with James' cavalry were using harassing fire to our great detriment.

The Saracens were willing, but unable to exploit close combat 
Although Team Evil, undoubtedly inflicted more casualties, it was not having the luck in routing enemy units.  Team Good was making each hit count, even if against the Kobolds they had limited luck.  At the end of our available time, on unit losses it was with the pale faced pointy eared types!

The situation at the end, in terms of ground gained it's with Team Good
However, when boasts were added to the mix the result was more in doubt.  I turned out that the only person with a positive outcome for boasts was Matt, whose chosen quests proved the most attainable in the mass battle.  I and a couple of Team Good were in negative equity and so at the end it was a slight moral victory again for Team Evil.

A good game to end the year with, with plenty of memorable moments; Gav's airstrike eagle, Bob the Trolls hopeless bloodlust, Treehugging beastmen.  Definitively the sort of experience I want from my games. 

Good Friends, Good Times, Good Game.

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