Sunday, December 04, 2016

Another year, Another Recon

Well given it is less than a mile down the road from me, I went to my first wargames show of the year yesterday and attended the Wakefield gamers' Recon event in Pudsey.

Leeds' 'little brother' show (to Fiasco, the bigger, older brother) has always held a soft spot for me, it's tiny compared to many shows, and the games on display tend to be very much of the standard you feel you could put on yourself at home.  There are few major sellers present, but most of the things you might expect (second hand sellers, stores with hefty discounts on plastic miniatures, book specialists).

I didn't even remember to take a camera with me, only the mobile phone (which actually has a pretty good camera).  As it was other than a handful of the games, the resultant photos I could've taken at any Pudsey Recon event of the past 10 or more years.  Still a couple of games did catch my eye:

A large Battlegroup game of D-Day

A glorious Dragon Rampant game of Skeletons attacking a Knights castle

Some sort of Pirate Island
 So I wondered around for an hour or two, and ran in to various friends and old gaming associates.  What I didn't do was play any games - as usual, antisocial grouch that I am - or buy very much.  Truth is with work and study, I've not picked a brush up in two months, so why add more lead to the pile?  All I came away with  was a couple of books:

£23 well spent
Next year I'd like to put on a display game, I figure my Napoleonics collection is impressive enough to justify it, even if it is just a throw down game with no real basis in History.  This time next year I 'should' be free and clear of intrusive study, and have those things called 'weekends' again.

In the mean time I hope the show is doing well enough to continue; it's always nice to have something to look forward to in December (it's downhill all the way from here-on-in!!).

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