Sunday, October 09, 2016

Enter the Dungeon

More Reaper Miniatures oddments completed over the last few months in the happy season between university semesters.  Now sadly passed.  I should be working now!

Bar staff - Not the prettiest couple!


Also known as a Mindflayer

Clay Golem - pleased with the eyes

Only took an hour or so all in

Armoured Cave Troll

A great little model, really shows the benefits of the Bones range

Additionally, I picked up some of the Old Wargames Factory Orcs (now available through Warlord Games).  To me these would not work as Orcs, as they are simply too small and spindly, but with certain reservations about the animation of the poses they are pretty good models.  With the development of my Dungeoneering collection and Dragon Rampant force I took another look at these - inspired as they are by Angus Macbride's classic Lord of the Rings art - and felt the would fit a different race rather well.  Hobgoblins:

Lovely red skin as a result
As with a lot of Wargames Factory models the detail is a bit soft and the poses a little wooden, but it's hard to fault the value and they certainly packed a lot of options into a tiny sprue.  I have enough left to do another 18 models should I get around to it.


  1. I have a half finished tavern-wench and a barman lounging around at the bottom of my miniatures box somewhere. These look good.

  2. Very nice! Love the Bar staff and the cute Troll!