Saturday, October 08, 2016

A Crusading Bunk for the Night

Inspired by my game a few weeks ago, I used a little free time between regular projects to knock up a simple piece of scenery for any future games.

 This basic Middle-Eastern house could serve in any number of periods, but is mainly intended for ancient-medieval settings.  Given it is going to be club scenery I focused on durability, so there are a minimum of extraneous details to knock off, and the interior is heavily reinforced to allow it to cope with heavier scenery ending up stored atop it!
 For scale I include a recent Fireforge/Conquest miniatures mashup from my Feudal English.  The model has large scaled details so that it will serve for fantasy games with 'Heroic' scaled mini's up to 32mm.  The door and window frames are just thin card.
For painting I mixed a little acrylic Burnt Sepia into white and basecoated the entire model.  Then I took a small amount of the base shade and kept adding more white to subsequent layers building them up with initially an overbrushing style, and for the last layer or two, dry brushing.  Highlights come down from the top of the model to leave the base coat at the bottom.  Then the wood and sand were highlighted separately.

Building the model was little more than an hour, painting maybe another hour.  It's cheap and cheerful, but it is at least the right scale and will give a nice objective for any future encounters.

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