Friday, May 20, 2016

Welcome to the Dungeon...

A small backlog of photos of Reaper Miniatures finished over the last few months today folks; as is normal lets kick off with our valiant heroes:

 Firstly a barbarian and a well armoured cleric.

 The rippling muscles on the barbarian were certainly a challenge, possibly more exaggerated than I normally like, but the effect is pretty good.

Next up a pair of moody elves.

 Painted months apart these two, a young wizard and a ranger I guess look thematically similar.
Lastly, and occupying an awkward middle ground, is this character, described as a witch on the Reaper website:

 I think I was going more for 'sexy wizerd'  but I can take their point; if seeming implicitly a little distrustful of smart women!

I find the back of this model a bit odd, lots of "what's going on with that bit?" type thoughts during the painting process, as a result this model idled on the table for many weeks.

Alongside these a few more nasty gribblies were churned out.  Nothing complicated you understand:

I know which treasure chest I'd rather find.  I believe the one on the left is called a Mimic or something, either way as an enchanted trap it'd happily have your arm off.

 A low level rank and file Skeleton is matched here by a Wight.  The Wight was a really easy model to do thanks to basically just being armour and two flowing robes.

This skeleton came out very different to the other Reaper ones I've done so far, but that shouldn't be an issue, who's to say he was in the ground as long?

Lastly, some more Goblins.
Well the never appear in just ones and twos do they.

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