Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Jabberwocky - Finished

So, monsters really don't have to take a long time to paint; so it would seem.  Maybe it is just because I finally have some free time, maybe it is because a Jabberwocky isn't dripping in lace, facings, buttons and brocade.

Above you can just about make out why brass-rodding the tail or leg would not work, both are either too flexible or too thin to support it.  The clear rod is visible but not too intrusive for my eye.

The painting technique was a doddle for this one, after retouching the base coat with a dark green, I gave the entire model a glaze of military green plus a dab of black.  This was very dark, but responded well to an overbrush of the original base coat the following day.  Then I gradually added yellow to the mix and applied several dry brushes, with gradually smaller brushes slowly focusing on the highlights.

The red began as a mix of dark red with a tiny amount of the base green, dry brushed and blended at the transition area and more completely painted further along the wings and so on.  This was then overbrushed with unmixed dark red, followed by drybrushing repeated layers of red, with lighter red then orange mixed in.  No three layer technique here, just keep going until it looks right.

The chest/belly was next with the base green mixed firstly with a buff yellow, then increasing amounts of pale yellow then a little white added.  All that was then left was the claws and teeth - sand brown up to a pale linen shade, and the eyes.  A super simple base to match the rest of my Reaper dungeon models was all that was then required.

No time at all really.  But I'm really happy with the look.


  1. I see what you mean about the lack of choices to pin him in the tail or chance.

    The paint job turned out great! I like the blended red/green wings, they're way cool :)

  2. Nice he looks great...the alternative might have been to put him on a suitable rock....but he is fine😀

  3. Fantastic looking model. The limited colour scheme works really well.

  4. Wonderful brushwork mate. As has been said, the blending on the wings is very neat indeed.