Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Battle of Hellfire Hill

I recently began to keep a games diary, I had purchased a nice leather-bound notebook on holiday last year and needed a purpose for it, so it seemed like an acceptable idea.  It was a good idea, as it helped me recover what little I can now recall about this Kings of War game I had with Ross at Xmas.

The game was a rematch, given that my Orcs had solidly beaten his Ogres in our previous encounter; but we agreed to enlarge the game as well and up the points to 3,000.  I also then decided, perhaps rashly, that as my Goblins had been the star players of the previous game, I would see if it was possible to build an army from my collection mainly comprising those snickering guys rather than the bigger boys.  With some inventive troop selection and scraping together virtually every model I had ready; it proved to be possible, and as we deployed Ross beheld the scale of a largely Goblin-led army of more than 300 models...

That's a lot of Goblins
 Though to be fair, 3,000 points of Ogres looked pretty fearsome too:

Stay tight lads
 As is clear both armies have learnt the lessons of previous encounters and look to protect their lines by forming in depth.

Like a Greek Phalanx, kinda
 The battle itself would be a simple one with no complex scenario requirements.  The Ogres deployed mainly behind a hill, but were soon necessitated to advance over it, leaving them open to my massed shooting.  The first Goblin round of missilery destroyed an Ogre unit in short order, whilst my cavalry got the better of the enemy scouts.

'Ave it!
 Soon the Goblins were looking to turn the flanks of the Ogre army.

 This would prove to be the highpoint of the battle for the Goblins.

 The Ogres continued to march, using heroes and small isolated units to cover their flanks.  The central horde smashed into the Goblin lines, and unlike previously, a collapse began.

Ooerr, these spears ain't gonna do much.
 The guts of the Goblin army were soon in tatters.  Their limited numbers of Orc allies had proved less than helpful, and they were relying on a gint to cover not only their flank, but their rear.

Where's backup Dammit!
 The second line braced for impact, hoping the worn Ogre front line was spent.  But it was not to be.

The battle had become a rout.  With only a handful of troops left I conceded at the end of my fourth turn, knowing the was no coming back from the parlous state my ragtag collection of troops was in.  

This was a fun, but very one-sided game, with the goblins never seeming to make their numbers count.  You can never underestimate the hitting power of the Ogres though, and it is certainly for this reason as much as any that I had to speedily accept defeat.

Maybe my diary should become a Book of Grudges...

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  1. Stunning array of troops! Haven't played KoW, but plan to try out my Empire guys using Dragon Rampant someday.