Sunday, February 21, 2016

French Ligne in training

When assembling Victrix French infantry is what you do for relaxation, you know your day must have been stressful.  They are anything but simple to assemble.  Still by comparison to 5-6 hours of Data Warehousing 101 this was a breeze.

I gathered together the various oddments I had lying around to build another regiment of infantry.  This took a good two and a half hours but the results show promise:

A relaxed March
 This is best described as a non-regulation regiment, whose Colonel clearly has taken his time in the Iberian peninsula as an opportunity to present his men how he feels they should be, Voltiguers with tall plumes and Grenadiers in bearskins.

Remaining numbers of miniatures meant that to avoid using kneeling figures, something I'd rather not do in isolation, I needed to convert a mounted commander.  Fortunately the Perry cavalry sets provide decent numbers of spares and I was able to do some careful carving to mate a Victrix officer figure with a set of Parry cavalryman legs and horse.

Front Quarters
 Other than his casual disregard for holding reins on a rearing mount, I think this looks pretty good.  A little filling and shaping on the coat tails won't go amiss when everything is dry however.

You can see his crack(s) from here
All this completed I ran a quick audit and found I also have a full unit of Legere and a unit of Grenadiers to put into the painting queue; not to mention a regiment of Dragoons, a battery of Guard artillery, various skirmishers and a few commanders.  When I'll get to all those is anyone's guess but after a few small interlude jobs I think more French infantry are definitely on the cards.

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