Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Some Very, VERY Big Orcs...

Those of you who've ambled through my sub pages may have seen a little information about the Russian manufacturer Technolog.  They produce a handful of 28mm scaled plastic miniatures, some of which might be of interest to gamers were they available widely.  Most of their figures however are in the 54mm scale beloved of children more than serious gamers.

Within this scale they produce an interesting and unusual range of figures, outside of the usual WWII and Hollywood Knights themes most toys lean towards.  Technolog rather opted for Napoleonics, Medieval Russians, Ancients and Fantasy models.

But as I said, here in the UK at least they are pretty much unheard of.  So when we found them at Essen a couple of us became very interested; all the more so when by the last day they were available at better than half price.  A plan came to me to make use of them regardless of scale, as they did for Matt as well, so I picked up a pack of Orcs and an extra model for a total of IIRC €2.50.

 First let it be said, that the company has tried, very hard, to make the models look good on the box, by giving them a very nice paint job.  Secondly, of all the sets in this scale the Orcs are possibly the worst!  By a fair margin.  But they were the only ones that would fit with my plan.  The raw models were cleaned up and based in groups of three to 120mm x 40mm stands.

In all their shiny glory
 Produced in a solid hard plastic that might be brittle were the parts not so substantial, the models come in a deep glossy green that thankfully took acrylic paint well.  I gave them a pretty standard paint job to blend them in with my Orcs and Goblins army; and hey presto:

Really Big Un's!
 And so from this fairly basic material, and on the cheap, I knocked together two regiments of Troll-sized Orcs, or Trorcs, as they shell hereafter be known.

I envisage the Trorc as a form of Savage Orc, so isolated from society and moreover its' foes that it has taken to foul interbreeding with Forest Trolls, and a degree of longevity and robustness has resulted that has allowed them to grow to staggering proportions.  However not smart or cunning enough to lead they are reduced to the level of expendable shock troops.

For scale, here is the Trorc who thinks he is a bowman, next to one of his more typically sized cousins:
I suddenly feel inadequate...
These two bases are specifically intended for Kings of War, and I'm more than happy with the results.
As for Matt, he plans to use some of his purchases to make scenery - statues - and hopes to use the others as Wights in an Undead army.  I hope he doesn't mind me poaching this photo from another source...

Frankly, much nicer models than the Orcs!
Technolog infrequently appear on ebay, but you may well have more joy searching indirectly for them on European marketplaces.  I kinda wish you could get them readily in English-speaking markets, but I'm not sure they'd sell all that well.

Still in context they were a bargain, and a handy addition to my growing horde of greenskins...


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