Thursday, November 12, 2015

Austrian Cavalry Masses

Well, for the last couple of weeks I've been pretty quiet.  Not much to say really, and since restarting the Blog I've not felt it needs to be a chore to produce - hence if there's nothing I want to write about, I can take the time away.  But I have been painting and modelling still, alongside other things, and this has included the final part of the initial Austrian Army project.

Firstly to finish my initial commitment I painted up a unit of Insurrection Hussars:

 I was really pleased with how these came out, a lovely bright blue breaks up the white so prevalent in the army.  However this unit did take a bit longer than the average to produce.

So this gave me the four regiments of foot, two of cavalry and battery of artillery I committed at the start of the summer.  But a couple of weeks after these - before the camera came out - I added another couple of units of cavalry attached to the command of Fresnel:

4th Vincent Chevauxleger

5th Klenau Chevauxleger
 So this gave me slightly more than projected, which is only a good thing.  There's plenty left to paint up as time passes, but this is enough to get games in.  Time for a parade of the progress over the last few months.

The full assembly to date
The core of the line infantry
The right flank and some artillery
The left and the rest of the artillery
These have been the output of a trying time for me; but you have to look to the positives, and here at least is something of a silver lining to recent clouds...



  1. A very fine bunch of Kaiserlichs there. The Insurrection hussars with their colourful hussars are a treat.
    Hoping that things are better for you soon.

  2. Lovely looking army. The Hussars do stand out amongst all of that white