Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Princesa Regiment

They only took six weeks, but I was particularly pleased to complete a unit of Napoleonics over the festive period (i.e. some time ago).  I'd picked up some of the Eagle Figures Spanish late last year, a unit in campaign wear.  I have to say they were a delight to paint:

They are rather slight figures, though as tall as Perry or Front Rank they look thin in comparison, but this is not an issue for me in a unit made solely of the models, I have troops from Perry, Victrix, Minifigs, Essex, Hat and Front Rank, and so long as they are largely of one type I am comfortable mixing them.

There is only one infantry pose in this particular set, but with creative painting they allow for a reasonable amount of variety.  I went for the Princesa regiment as there was plenty of reference material for them and they were an active unit present at several engagements with and without the British.  I mixed in brown, blue and patterned trousers to the white uniform and went for lots of patches and a final patina of dust.

These chaps have done a lot of marching.

For the command I was able to find and paint a copy of the Princesa's royal standard, whilst I hypothesized a suitably extravagant drummer's attire.  My officers have stuck to standard uniform though, perhaps they managed to get a local tailor to produce some regulation clothing recently.

Pleasing; on to the next regiment....


  1. These are really beautiful! I have some of these somewhere too for a planned Peninsula project.

  2. Gorgeous! A fantastic job...

  3. It is nice to finally see some of these Eagle figures in the digital flesh, as it were. I like them. I think that from the look of them they would fit alongside some of the Perry range quite well. I have two battalions of Perry Carlists as Spanish Militia in my Napoleonic Spanish army and could easily see these guys of yours alongside them in their brigade. Well done mate.