Tuesday, January 13, 2015

los caballeros de miel de caña de Lyle

It's been a long time since I added to any of my armies frankly, not least my Dogs of War.  It seems that if the bulk of the rumours are true Warhammer Fantasy is about to get nerfed out of recognition anyway, but that's by the by.  As part of my slow rehabilitation to painting I plucked a unit of Empire knights from the festering pile and set to adding them to my Dogs of War.

As inspiration I must give credit to Millsy over at Cannister and Grape for his paint scheme here.  High quality and a good colour combo that I decided I could steal pay homage to.

Camera-fu is not what it used to be as yet.  A strong contrast between the blue and gold and dark browns worked well for me.  The unit was armed with Warhammers as the only option that made the available figures make sense, I doubt I'd actually run them in Warhammer equipped that way, but in Kings of War, which I probably play more nowadays, it makes no odds; so it's fine.

Their leader gets a close up.

Showing the classically impossible to wield GW weapon.  This is a partly metal mounted figure, of I believe an Empire Battle Priest, but he makes a suitably ridiculous looking hero for this small unit.

Elements of the figures were also borrowed from my other main unit of empire knights, notably the partial painting of the horse armour, but I am most pleased with the golden bronze armour.

These took months to finish, largely due to an absence of both time and motivation, but they've helped cut my teeth once again, and the pace has started to pick up at last.

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  1. Good to see you are back painting! I'm very flattered that you liked my stuff enough to be inspired by it and thanks for the credit.

    I'll be back into the Dogs or War very soon now too. It must be going around. :-)

    Looking forward to seeing what's next...