Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sales Again - Vampire Counts

I still play fantasy games, but less of them than I used too.

Fact is they were always the second love, after historical games (but well ahead of science fiction); and it really is, if you are even partly tied in to Games Workshop product, the very priciest end of the gaming market.  Or rather, it is for me.

But it isn't the money so much as space.  I live a modern, metrosexual, city-living, space concious lifestyle; and for my wargames hobby it means that if I want a new army, an old one almost certainly has to go to make room for it.

I have a couple of projects in mind this year that are exciting me, but to make room for them, something has to go.  And at the moment it is two boxes of Dark Ages models, and Three of Undead.

The shock is how many I actually have.  The first army is now on Ebay; 140 models - well over 2000 points for Warhammer, and it's less than half my collection.

It's just not an army I feel any urge to use any more.  Sure, some of it is a bit of a wrench to sell.  Some of the models I've had for over 25 years.  But I'll always have the photographs, so it isn't as if they are gone from the memory.

So if anyone wants to inherit this lot, the link is here

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