Sunday, January 27, 2013

Battlegames in the Shops

Braving the snows on Saturday morning, I discovered this in our local WH Smiths:


Something of a surprise, I admit I haven't kept up with developments with Battlegames, the last I knew it was being rescued from folding in it's subscription only format.  And now here it was in my city newsagent.

It appeared a little slimmer than before, but the content looks to be the same, a mix of scenario ideas, terrain making and painting tips, figure reviews and editorial.

If you are a British gamer this should be worth your attention.  Look out for a copy.


  1. It's on a three issue trial in Smiths having been taken over by Atlantic Publishing. Still my favourite mag. I asked at my local Smiths as there were none on the shelves and they said they had had it in but that all were sold! Which is good. I'd love to see it as a regular mag on the shelves.

  2. I just picked one up on Friday in Smiths in Oxford Street. Now I'm tempted to pick up all the back issues! The big WH Smiths now stock four wargames magazines!